Who We Are

This is what Factor VIII looks like. It in fact does not look like blood at all and is a commercial "for profit" product.

Factor 8 Campaign UK is a campaign and advocacy group. We represent victims and families affected by Contaminated Factor Concentrate products in the 1970's and 1980's, today's press and politics usually refer to the event as the Contaminated Blood Scandal [1]. It is important to note that Factor products bare no resemblance to Blood Transfusions and are vastly different on many levels, this is often confused in the public domain. Learn more about Factor here.

The Factor 8 Scandal, or, Contaminated Blood Scandal is the event of 3,891 (confirmed) people in the UK (mostly Haemophiliacs) being infected with Hepatitis C or Hepatitis C & HIV (co-infected) by a commercial Medicine called "Factor 8" [2].

Of the 3,891 people infected with Hepatitis C, 1,243 of them were additionally infected with HIV (the virus that leads to AIDS), "co-infected" by both viruses [3].

The medicine they were given, "Factor", was swimming with the lethal viruses due to a series of catastrophic errors, delays, failures, commercial influence and bad practice.

Almost 80% of the 1,243 "co-infected" (HIV & Hep C) victims have died, most by the mid-nineties, having also endured the most brutal period of AIDS stigma. Less than 250 of the original 1,243 co-infected victims remain alive as of 2017 [4].

Of the 2,648 known to have been infected with Hepatitis C (and not HIV), 665 are known to have subsequently died [5].

You can read more about the fall-out of the Contaminated Blood Scandal and get detailed statistics here.