Multiple FOI's and further Contaminated Blood Scandal Evidence

Within the last 24 hours or so we were surprised to find that the Department of Health has triggered a large transfer of documentation from the Departmental Records Office to the National Archives relating to the Contaminated Blood Scandal under the newly created JA 398 reference (note: this is separate to the already existing JA 418 reference).

This follows recent identification by Factor 8 Campaign UK of specific missing volumes of files relating to the Central Blood Labs.

However, this most recently noticed transfer goes far beyond the original request, the listed files which are ready to transfer from DH to TNA are:

  • BLA - redevelopment of the Blood Products Laboratory at Elstree including minutes of meetings;
  • BLC - Working Party on Self Sufficiency in Blood Products, papers and minutes of meetings;
  • BLD - Advisory Committee on the National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS), papers and minutes of meetings;
  • BLF - charging for the supply of blood products;
  • BLJ - introduction of the European Emergency Health Card E111;
  • BLK - introduction of a new blood doning routine screening test for AIDs as well as the Expert Advisory Group on AIDs (EAGA), reports and minutes of meetings;
  • and some files retrospectively filed, wrongly, into the NBA (National Blood Authority) prefix, which came into existence in 1993.

Interestingly it is clear that these files are separate to the MH 160 series which contains a number of volumes of files relating to the above subjects in question.

Late yesterday evening Factor 8 Campaign UK also submitted an additional 6 FOI requests following identification of other specific missing volumes from existing series of files which relate to Factor VIII and Factor IX in the 1970's and 1980's. Which can be found here:

We expect these files will be available at the archive some time in 2018.