Contaminated Blood: Parliament This Week


Jeremy Hunt

Update on Contaminated Blood Inquiry from the Secretary of State for Health. 10/10/2017

Coventry South MP Jim Cunningham asked for an update on the Contaminated Blood Inquiry this Tuesday during Health questions in the House of Commons. Jeremy Hunt responding to the Labour MP said: "I can absolutely tell the hon. Gentleman the answer to that: we have been making very important progress with families over the summer; and we have decided the shape of the inquiry and the leadership of the inquiry. All the factors around the terms of reference need to be decided in close consultation with the affected families. So we are keen to get on as quickly as possible, but we have made some progress in understanding their wishes."[1]

The Government is expected to make a substantial announcement within the coming weeks with the Department of Health consultation coming to an end next Wednesday.

Damien Green.jpg

Damien Green

Minister says decision on Inquiry responsibility to be taken as soon as possible. 11/10/2017

Responding to MP Diana Johnson on Wednesday the First Secretary of State and Minister for the Cabinet Office said "I am aware that the hon. Lady has played a significant role in the investigation of this terrible scandal. As she said, the consultation on how we proceed ends on 18 October. I know that she and the all-party parliamentary group that she co-chairs have written to my right hon. Friend the Prime Minister on the matter. When we have all the responses to the consultation, we will obviously take a decision as soon as possible."[2]

Diana had been asking for Departmental responsibility on the Contaminated Blood Inquiry to be transferred to the Cabinet Office and away from the Department of Health as they are an implicated party.


John Bercow

Speaker reminds a noisy House of Commons that scandal should be treated respectfully. 11/10/2017

Persisting through the noise on Wednesday, the main chamber was filled with chatter as Diana Johnson MP attempted to ask Damien Green about Inquiry responsibility (see above story). The Speaker of the House scolded some talkative MP's stating "Order. I remind the House that we are discussing the contaminated blood scandal, upon which, despite very heavy noise, Diana Johnson has made her thoughts very clear. We must now hear the Minister. I ask the House to think of the people affected by this scandal, who would expect the House to treat respectfully of it."[3]