New Contaminated Blood Scandal Evidence on the Way

On 10th September 2017 Factor 8 Campaign UK wrote to the Department of Health concerning a series of files relating to the Central Blood Laboratories Authority (CBLA), a body which regularly dealt with all things "Factor VIII & IX related" during the 1980's.

Whilst some of the CBLA documents had already been made available via the National Archives, we had identified after meticulous cross-referencing that a number of substantial packs of documents had not been made available and were missing.

Today we are pleased to write that following our efforts, 3 packs of documents that are not currently in the public domain will be transferred to the National Archives from the Departmental Records Office.

The Department of Health told us that "Files CBL/008 volumes 1,2,3 have been prepared for transfer to The National Archives and forms part of the list of files that will be considered by the Advisory Council for National Records and Archives at their November meeting. If approval for transfer is given, then we would expect the files to be transferred to The National Archives in 2018. The class for these files has been opened on Discovery."

Unfortunately though a number of other packs we had requested will probably never see the light of day, the Department of Health also said: "The Departmental Records Office has confirmed that they do not hold files with the references CBL/008 volumes 9 to 15. There are no records of these files being officially registered or stored at the Departmental Records Office."

You can read the full exchange here.

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