Inquiry Update - 20th January 2018

Latest news on the Inquiry into the Contaminated Blood Scandal

Yesterday (Friday 19th January 2018) Factor 8 caught up with an advisor at No 10 who is involved with the work of establishing the Inquiry for an update on what progress has been made.

What we already knew following a question answered by Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington on 15th January 2017 is that the Cabinet Office has asked the Lord Chief Justice to nominate a Judge(s) to Chair the Inquiry.

David Lidington said he hopes to "announce the name of that judge soon" but no timescale was given. He also added that "Once the Chair is appointed, we will be discussing with them the composition of the inquiry panel."

We asked the advisor at No 10 if they were able to give a timescale as to when this would happen by but unfortunately they were not able to do so. We were also not able to be provided with any details as to what stage progress may (or may not be) at. We were told that discussions are ongoing but that no further information could be given.

What we do know is that during meetings with the Cabinet Office in early December 2017, we were told by the Minister at that time that talks with the Lord Chief Justice had already begun and so presumably these discussions have now been taking place for well over a month.

We hope to provide news of specific progress shortly but for the time being, we have no indication as to when this may be and for the time being the Inquiry remains chairless.

What can you do?

We understand that many of our members will feel very disappointed and frustrated with the lack of progress.

We would suggest it is best to direct your views to your MP who may be able to help, or to the Cabinet Office.

You can write to your MP by visiting:

E-mail the Cabinet Office:

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