Cross-Group letter to Rt Hon David Lidington MP

Campaign and Advocacy groups throughout the United Kingdom whose members are affected by Contaminated Blood and Blood Products have today presented a united front in a new cross-group letter to the new Cabinet Office Minister.

9th January 2018

Dear Rt Hon David Lidington MP,

Firstly, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year and express our congratulations on your new position.

Last year we met with your predecessor along with a number of other officials at the Cabinet Office regarding moving forward with the Contaminated Blood and Blood Products Inquiry.

We were led to believe that the Chair of the Inquiry would be appointed before the Christmas recess (which the Government has stated will be a Judge). This did not happen and we were instead provided with a holding statement. As you can imagine this was very disappointing and was a missed opportunity to build on the progress from the ministerial meeting to establish the relationship between the affected community and the Government which we all need to make the Inquiry a success.

Too many of our community have died in the last 30 years waiting for an Inquiry.  Some have died since the Inquiry was announced, including during 2018, without even the comfort of knowing a Chair had been appointed. All delays in establishing the Inquiry are adding needlessly to the suffering of these newly bereaved families.

We are writing to ask you to make the Contaminated Blood and Blood Products Inquiry the very highest priority and we hope that you will personally ensure that a Chair is appointed immediately so that those affected can begin the consultation process with the Chair, which of course will include the Terms of Reference and other appointments.

We are looking forward to working with you and hope that you will succeed in getting this Inquiry moving as a matter of the utmost urgency.

Yours Sincerely,

Andrew Evans (Tainted Blood)

Barry (The Forgotten Few)

Bill Wright (Haemophilia Scotland)

Clair Walton (Positive Women           

Dave Tonkin (Manor House Group)

Jason Evans (Factor 8 Campaign UK)

Lynne Kelly (Haemophilia Wales)

Michelle Tolley (Contaminated Wholeblood UK)

Noel (Birchgrove Group)

Stuart McLean (Contaminated Blood Public Inquiry Group)

Sue Threakall (Tainted Blood Widows)

Tony Farrugia & Tim Wratten (The Fatherless Generation)    

Tommy Leggate (Scottish Infected Blood Forum)

Factor 8