Government Legal Department says no notice received to preserve Contaminated Blood Scandal files

Our article yesterday showed that despite David Lidington’s apology and a letter from the Cabinet Office, numerous Departments of government confirmed to Factor 8 that they still as of October 2018 held no instruction not to destroy files that could be relevant to the Infected Blood Inquiry. Despite the claim from the Cabinet Office the situation was rectified in June.

We can report further today that along with the Home Office and the Department of Digital, Media, Culture & Sport - we have now received confirmation from the Government Legal Department that they also have received no notice to preserve files relevant to the Infected Blood Inquiry.

Responding to a Freedom of Information request, the Government Legal Department said:

The GLD has not received any formal request from the Infected Blood Inquiry not to destroy any documentation which could be relevant to the Inquiry.
— Government Legal Department (18th October 2018)

Further, the GLD went on to say that:

The GLD holds no original material relevant to the Infected Blood Inquiry.

We find this very difficult to believe considering there are on-going litigation’s in this area, unless of course documentation is being destroyed as it is created by the GLD.

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