Factor 8 supplies chronology of Haemophiliac Hepatitis C cover-up

Today (Monday 22nd October 2018) The Daily Mail published a front-page news story which laid bare the truth of how Haemophiliacs infected with HIV in the 1980’s via Factor VIII & IX had knowledge of their Hepatitis C infections withheld from them, and were subsequently made to sign away their rights for an insultingly low sum of money during their darkest hour.

Through our fact-finding, Factor 8 was able to supply a detailed chronology to the Daily Mail outlining these events. For the interests of our members we have provided some of the key events (note this is not the complete chronology) the article raises below.

Subsequent reporting on the story has also been taken up by The Times and The Sun.

29th September 1989

HP writes to DRJ enclosing papers which state “infections resulted most obviously from large-pool blood coagulation products, in fact, most haemophiliacs at risk would develop hepatitis after the first or second exposure to product.”

23rd October 1989

JC sends papers to A which have been prepared by DRJ. The papers state “In the case of NANB hepatitis, the majority of haemophiliacs became infected after frequent use of concentrate, more quickly if commercial rather than UK concentrate was used.” & “The new hepatitis C antibody test has shown the majority of severe haemophiliacs to be positive”.

29th December 1989

DRJ sends a “Cost-Benefit Analysis” of HCV testing to HP & JC. It states 50% of those infected Develop Chronic Hepatitis and he lists other risks which include Cirrhosis and Death.

12th February 1990

DRJ is present at a meeting with Haemophilia Centre Directors where following a discussion around potential litigation it is agreed that “the Haemophilia Society should not be given Hepatitis data”.

6th December 1990

A report is sent from HP to M. DRJ is copied in. The report shows that 1 in 10 of those infected with Hep C develop Chronic Cirrhosis. It states “Most haemophiliacs who received unheated blood product (factor VIII) had NANBH.”

22nd February 1991

DRJ writes to DH officials stating that HIV infected Haemophiliacs should have to agree “not to raise Hepatitis in any further litigation”.

16th September 1991

DRJ advises Haemophilia Centre Directors that those who accept the HIV settlement cannot go onto sue for HCV.

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