Infected Blood Inquiry Updates - 13th November 2018

Scottish Government becomes a Core Participant

Following a recently drawn-out debacle over whether or not the Scottish Government would apply for Core Participant status at the Infected Blood Inquiry, the Scottish Government have since submitted an application which has been accepted and they are now listed on the Infected Blood Inquiry website as a Core Participant.

Psychological Support

In our last update we detailed the confidential support service which is open to all those infected or affected which is available:

Monday between 11am and 1pm; on Wednesday between 7pm and 9pm; and on Friday between 2pm and 4pm.

Following recent discussion between Factor 8 and the Inquiry Team we can advise that although the times above are the stated operational times of the support line, that those seeking to use this service can call at anytime and leave a message asking for a call back at a specific time on any day. Although the Red Cross may not be able to call exactly on the day/time requested and this cannot be guaranteed, they will do their best to meet such requests and will contact you to arrange a good time to talk if this is difficult.

Local Meetings

Last week the Inquiry published its intent to hold local meetings around the country, similar to those which took place last year. The Inquiry states that the purpose of the meetings will be to provide updates and take questions.

Meetings are being planned in the following towns / cities for 2019: Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Carlisle, Glasgow, Hastings, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham, Plymouth and Southampton.

Meetings are scheduled to be held in these locations before the end of 2018: Belfast, Edinburgh and north Wales.