Health Minister "made-up" story about Contaminated Blood victims being given best treatment

Factor 8 can reveal today that the current Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, made the below statement without having any actual evidence to suggest it was true.

On 8th October 2018, responding to a written question by MP Frank Field, the Health Minister said that Contaminated Blood victims were:

“offered the most effective treatments available at the time of their diagnosis”

On the 18th October, Factor 8 lodged a Freedom of Information request asking what assessment had been made to support this claim. Responding to our request, the Department of Health and Social Care said that:

no assessment has been made by DHSC

As a result of no assessment having been made, DHSC also advised that our request for sources relied upon in any assessment:

is therefore not applicable

After confirming no assessment had been made to support this claim in the 3-page document from DHSC, they then re-assert the same baseless claim that triggered the FOI stating:

treatment offered for either HIV or hepatitis C infections would have been in accordance with the relevant clinical guidelines in place at the time of the treatment

This claim is made again despite admitting in the same document that there is no assessment to support this.

The full response can be read here.