Government WILL continue to fight compensation claims as Factor Group Litigation goes back to Court on Friday

The Contaminated Blood Products Group Litigation Order which was granted in September 2017 will see its next hearing this Friday at the Royal Courts of Justice in central London.

The Group Legal Challenge is bringing multiple allegations against the Department of Health & Social Care for its role in the Contaminated Blood Scandal which saw thousands of Haemophiliacs infected with Hepatitis C or Hepatitis C & HIV through Factor Concentrate medicines.

Despite the Department of Health and Social Care admitting at the Public Inquiry opening hearing in September…

what may, at worst, have been a cover-up, or, at best, a lack of candour about past events

DHSC has indicated its intention to fight victims (and/or their families) in court and resist their claims for compensation.

Des Collins of Collins Solicitors said:

The Department of Health & Social Care’s position before the two different forums is entirely inconsistent. In effect they are saying at the Public Inquiry they need to be more open and at the GLO that they have already offered full disclosure. It appears it is intent on dragging the victims and their families of infected blood products through as much pain and suffering as possible. It also seems determined to string legal proceedings out for as long as possible. As things stand the victims and their families will have to endure both the Group Litigation Action going through the High Court and the Public Inquiry investigation into what happened and why. We have provided the Department with every opportunity to see common sense but it appears to be in denial. (Full statement here)

Jason Evans (Lead Claimant and Founder of Factor 8) said:

It is quite incredible at this stage that the Government remains intent on fighting sick, dying people and bereaved families in court. I think at this point it would be appropriate for the Department to accept its fairly obvious liability.