Infected Blood Inquiry obtains UKHCDO files

Late yesterday afternoon the Twitter account of the Infected Blood Inquiry posted two tweets (shown below) highlighting that the Inquiry paralegals have now been able to review evidence physically from the UKHCDO (United Kingdom Haemophilia Centre Doctors Organisation) archives.

These files have to date evaded Factor 8 as the UKHCDO is a private body and therefore not subject to FOI requests. In addition to this, the UKHCDO has been uncooperative with our requests for information and has point blank ignored a Subject to Access Request made under GDPR, despite acknowledging it to begin with. It is therefore welcome news that the Inquiry has been able to access and review these files.

The tweets contained two pictures of boxes of files reviewed by the Inquiry at the UKHCDO

The Inquiry tweet states that paralegals have so far reviewed 27 boxes, though taking a closer look at the boxes pictured in the photo’s we can tell this is potentially only the tip of the iceberg.

The boxes appear to carry a filing system reference following the pattern “NHD-xxx” and in the pictures alone we are able to see box reference numbers ranging from NHD-096 through to NHD-135, suggesting a minimum of anywhere between 39 and 135 boxes of files.

We are able to see from the images there are certainly more than 27 boxes as further boxes are view-able in the background of the first image through the glass.

It is not yet known exactly how many boxes there are or what the content of the material or it’s dated period is.

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