Letter to Jeremy Hunt shows Scottish Health Minister's fury after Infected Blood Inquiry was announced

A letter obtained by Factor 8 which was written by the then Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport in Scotland (Shona Robison) lays bear that Scottish Government had many “serious concerns” following the announcement of the Infected Blood Inquiry back in July 2017.

Writing to Jeremy Hunt (then Health Secretary), Shona Robison was worried that the UK Inquiry may reach different conclusions to those made by the previous Penrose Inquiry in Scotland.

I am not aware of any precedent for a UK-wide inquiry considering matters which have already been considered by a Scottish inquiry under the Inquiries Act…

…this therefore raises a number of constitutional questions, particularly if the UK inquiry were to reach any different findings from those of the Penrose Inquiry

Aside from these concerns, there was also anxiety that the UK Inquiry findings could lead to compensation or increased financial support. Shona Robison said discussion was needed over:

the potential funding implications of any inquiry findings

Driving home the point to Jeremy Hunt she said:

Given that you have made the decision to have an Inquiry, my assumption is that you will bear responsibly for all the Scottish Government’s and the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service’s costs associated with the Inquiry, such as for legal representation and travel costs, as well as any ultimate costs arising from the Inquiry, in event that the Inquiry recommends increased payments for those affected.

In a final demonstration of putting across the view that the Inquiry should not reach different conclusions to Penrose, she said:

I do not feel that the inquiry should directly reexamine those issues which Lord Penrose has already examined

We have uploaded a full and uncensored copy of the letter.

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