Factor 8 unlocks and saves fresh Blood Scandal evidence!

Today Factor 8 has discovered an estimated 2,000 pages of previously unseen evidence relating to Factor VIII / IX blood products and the Contaminated Blood Scandal.

The information was discovered as a result of our huge "cross-referencing" exercise which remains on-going.

In the latest haul, Freedom of Information requests have revealed that the Department of Health holds another 3 volumes of documents which have previously not been made available for public scrutiny concerning the Central Blood Laboratories Authority.

The documentation relates to "Factor VIII inc Profilate and Plasma Specifications" and also "Crown Immunity & Product Licenses".

In addition to this, there are also volumes which we have been informed were due for destruction but have now been placed on hold and saved from their planned destruction.

Other documents primarily relate to Haemophiliacs and Hepatitis C and "Haemophilia: Treatment of Haemophiliacs under the NHS" . 1 of these volumes will now be transferred to the National Archive, 2 have been saved from destruction and in relation to a further 5 volumes, the Department of Health said today that the files:

"will be held in storage until... due to be considered for possible permanent preservation at The National Archives"

Factor 8 will of course submit all detailed information to forthcoming Inquiry.

Factor 8