Jackie's Story: What I want from the Infected Blood Inquiry

Jackie King-Pavey shares her thoughts on the Infected Blood Inquiry

Putting into words what I want from the infected blood enquiry; is the truth, full recognition for all the lives lost and destroyed: Also for all those who are still affected and living with the consequences everyday.

I first met my future husband in 1979, we married in 1983. I had full knowledge of his haemophilia. I knew the life we could expect, we had a future to look forward to as young couples do. Buying our first home and raising a family, we were happy.

But all that changed in 1985 when we were told by a letter through the post of his HIV positive status. At the time we were oblivious to the implications of what his infection would mean and the impact it would have on our lives. I was pregnant with my daughter at the time. We were then told sometime later that he had also tested positive for Hepatitis C (subsequently having seen his medical records, the doctor's knew that as far back as the late 1970's. But had not told him). His diagnosis took away all our dreams and filled our lives with heartache worry and fear. My Husband's health deteriorated both physically and mentally over the 13 years of his infection. He passed away aged 38, a shadow of the man I had married.

I want this Inquiry to take into account all the pain and suffering endured by every person who has been affected by this avoidable tragedy. To make sure the WHOLE TRUTH is out in the open that all details are fully exposed and all those responsible held accountable for their actions. This inquiry is long overdue, we should have had answers and full disclosure years ago. We should not have been treated as if we didn't exist and left to live our lives in the shadows for fear of alienation. I pray this inquiry meets all our expectations and we are all treated with the dignity and consideration each and everyone of us deserves.

Jackie King-Pavey

Factor 8