Infected Blood Inquiry Experts - Initial List Released

Last night (20th September 2018), the Infected Blood Inquiry website published a document containing the names and a short biography of twenty three experts who have agreed to participate in the Inquiry as part of the “group of experts” approach that has been adopted.

Factor 8 has yet to evaluate this initial list which has been released just days before the Opening Hearings of the Inquiry.

The group of experts that will be taken on board are broken down into five broad groups which are as follows: Medical Ethics, Public Health & Administration, Psychosocial Impact, Statistics and Clinical.

The documents states that the Chair of the Inquiry, Sir Brian Langstaff, will welcome suggestions for additional experts and goes on to say that no formal appointments have yet been made but that formal appointments will be made some time after the Opening Hearings.

You can view the list of experts who have agreed to work with the Inquiry here.