Justice is coming: A Poem by Hayley Jayne Stanley

Justice is coming

There's a darkness in my heart that I can not lay to rest. 
Tainted blood on the conscience of the NHS
To you they were numbers, secrets locked away
But for the families who watch them suffer each and every day
The trauma still lives on, how can they be at peace 
When you dare not speak their names, for the fear it may release
You feel you do not have the time nor the crayons to explain
Well we’re hear to tell the world, we will not let them die in vain
My dad was strong in mind and heart but this battle he could not win
He bravely fought and suffered the Hep c that you gave him 
We have seen this pain before as you gave my uncle just the same 
Along with numerous others of whom we dare not speak their names,
Hushed if we try to talk, a D notice you'll serve
So were invisible without a voice and our stories can't be heard
But as silent as the sunrise we will stand together and shine
For our silent voices will be seen with our picket boards and signs 
I hope our spirit and our courage will mirror their bravery and strength 
We will fight for their justice regardless of our journeys length 
Their lives were taken so tragically, please show us that you care
So we can somehow move forward with out this sorrow and despair
Give us justice, give them the dignity and give us the answers we deserve
Let them know that we have seen this through and our voices have been heard.

By Hayley Jayne Stanley