Eastbourne Haemophilia Centre says it has no evidence for Infected Blood Inquiry

A letter seen by Factor 8 that was sent to the Infected Blood Inquiry by the Chief Executive of the East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (Dr Adrian Bull MD ) on 24th October 2018, shows that not only the Eastbourne Haemophilia Centre, but in fact the Trust as a whole, has stated that it has no evidence to provide to the Inquiry.

Writing towards the end of last year the Trust said that:

we have reviewed our archive list and searched through a number of boxes that were in storage but have not come across any information which would potentially be relevant to the issues set out in the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference. We have also asked colleagues in the Trust if they hold any documents or if they recollect anything that would be relevant but nothing has come to light.

The Eastbourne Haemophilia Centre was of particular interest as it was located closely to the UK office of Armour Pharmaceutical co, who manufactured the Factor VIII Concentrate product “Factorate”. The former Armour offices were located on St Leonards Road, less than 2 miles away from the Haemophilia Centre.

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