Inquiry gets initial evidence from Department of Health

The Infected Blood Inquiry team has tweeted that they are in receipt of some volumes of files from DHSC along with pictures.

Here is what we are able to ascertain from the pictures…

  • The volumes supplied have come from Iron Mountain (This is a 3rd party that DHSC uses to store it’s documents).

  • Before landing at the Inquiry team office, the volumes were sent from Iron Mountain to “One Kemble Street” according to the label attached to the front of these boxes (This building is home to the Government Legal Department and MRC).

  • A minimum of 25 boxes, each containing approximately 10 files is pictured. This suggests there could be over 250 files in total and in excess of 30,000 individual pages. Of course, this is speculation, we do not know the total number of boxes or files.

  • The files appear to be in exactly the same format as those Factor 8 have accessed in the National Archive (even down to the lovely pink folders) and it stands to reason that perhaps some of these files are those missing from the National Archive (or previously thought to have been destroyed).

  • Lastly and most importantly, these pictures show DHSC Ministers have lied for years. We’ve lost count of how many time’s Parliament was told that “all relevant documents are in the National Archive or destroyed” - obviously, as we suspected, this was not true.