Welsh Blood Service submission to Inquiry's Terms of Reference published

We are today sharing a copy of the input provided by the Welsh Blood Service during the Terms of Reference consultation for the Infected Blood Inquiry in April 2018.

It is apparent from the document that Wales took a non-opinionated stance in a number of areas including their view of what the Inquiry should cover and when asked if the Inquiry should “include consideration of the care provided, and the response of governments across the United Kingdom and overseas” - the response was simply:

“Welsh Blood Service Don’t Know”

However the Welsh Blood Service did take a view on a number of areas, including the time period which the Inquiry should cover, in which it was said that:

The Welsh Blood Service considers that the starting point for the Inquiry should be consistent with the approach taken by the Penrose Inquiry in Scotland and the Lindsay Tribunal in Ireland i.e. reference period beginning on 1 January 1974. This is on the basis that the earliest reference in the scientific literature, identified in the Report of the Lindsay Tribunal, to the development of liver disease in haemophiliacs associated with the use of fractionated plasma products (clotting factors) was in that year. The Inquiry would need to consider whether the end date should be with the introduction of HCV screening in September 1991, bearing in mind that the events surrounding the introduction of HCV screening have already been subject to court proceedings.

The full document can be viewed here.

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