Medical Protection Society has at least 34 files of documents relevant to Infected Blood Inquiry

In the midst of a Section 21 determination issued yesterday by the Infected Blood Inquiry against The Haemophilia Society, it may have slipped unnoticed that the Inquiry also issued a Section 21 demanding documents from the Medical Protection Society.

The Medical Protection Society helps those in the medical field to protect their career and reputation. They boast to be the world’s leading medical protection organisation and offer “Intelligent risk management, the very best legal defence and an influential voice”.

The determination issued yesterday to the MPS by Sir Brian Langstaff states that:

the MPS produced a schedule containing 34 files of relevant documentation, but said it did not have the functionality to search for specific advice provided to individual doctors, nor did it have a policy on infected blood/blood products nor records of meetings with government departments where blood/blood products were discussed.

The determination issued to MPS is noticeably less critical than the one issued to The Haemophilia Society and Sir Brian Langstaff goes onto say that:

coupled with the extensive co-operation thus far given by the MPS, together with there being understandable and excusable reasons for delay thus far, I have no hesitation in granting the required extension, which will be until 5pm on Monday 4 March 2019. A varied section 21 Notice will be issued to reflect this.

We will be adding any determination expiry dates to the events page on our website.

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