Northampton Haemophilia Centre says it has NO evidence for Infected Blood Inquiry

Letters seen by Factor 8 show that the Northampton Haemophilia Centre has told the Infected Blood Inquiry that it has no evidence to provide relevant to the Inquiry.

A letter dated 12th September 2018 from the Chief Executive of the Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust (Dr Sonia Swart) says inter-alia that:

Staff currently working within the service do not have any operational knowledge of how the service ran during the period the inquiry is covering

She also says that:

The Trust has conducted a thorough search to locate any records which cover the points raised in ‘a.-j.’ within the letter. The Trust has been unable to find any documents or information relevant to the Terms of Reference of the Inquiry.

Factor 8 reached out to the Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust to ask if the position had since changed and the Trust’s Associate Director of Communications  advised us on 30th January 2019 that:

there has been no change in circumstances, a thorough investigation was undertaken, no documents or information relevant to the terms of reference of the inquiry has been found and we have nothing further to add to our original response

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