Ex-Director of Leeds Haemophilia Centre "may" have destroyed documents and reveals HIV patients were kept in the dark

A letter obtained by Factor 8 written by the Chief Medical Officer of The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has revealed some startling admissions by the former Director of the Trust’s Haemophilia Centre.

The former Director is not specifically named in the letter but is described by the Trust as being “in post  during 1990’s”.

In the letter, which is dated 16th October 2018, speaking in relation to whether or not Haemophilia patients were warned about the risks associated with Factor concentrates during the infections period, it is said by the Trust that:

The Trust cannot confirm whether patients in Leeds were warned ”beforehand” of the risk of exposure to infection

and in relation to whether patient consent was sort before viral testing took place it is said that:

The nature of the consent process for testing in the past is uncertain

and goes onto say that:

The former Director of Haemophilia has advised the Trust that when he was appointed as a consultant in the Leeds Haemophilia Centre, some patients who had positive results for HIV were unaware of their results

On the subject of whether or not documents had been destroyed, the Trust advised that:

The former Director of Haemophilia believes that he may have destroyed his personal copies of UKHCDO correspondence

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