WHAT!? Procurator Fiscal asked doctor not to record Hep C death as resulting from Infected Blood to stop investigation

Today the Infected Blood Inquiry has published a Section 21 order to the Medical Defence Union, there have been a number of Section 21 Notices published lately, including to The Haemophilia Society. It is said that The Haemophilia Society has now provided some documents, though it is not clear if all documents have provided.

In the latest section 21 to the MDU there is a quite an amazing revelation contained within the 8 page document, at point 11 the Chair of the Inquiry, Sir Brian Langstaff writes inter-alia:

It resulted in 13 documents of particular interest, which were forwarded to the Inquiry. Amongst them is one which appears to show that the Procurator Fiscal asked a doctor to make sure the doctor did not record a death (from Hepatitis C) as due to a transfusion, though the doctor thought it probably was, because the Procurator Fiscal would then have to investigate the death. This is a somewhat startling discovery, of direct relevance to the inquiry especially when considering whether there has been a coverup of what occurred.

The Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal website states that:

Procurators Fiscal are qualified lawyers who are employed by COPFS and who act on the instructions of the Lord Advocate. The Lord Advocate has responsibility in Scotland to investigate any death which requires further explanation. In other parts of the United Kingdom, the Coroner may investigate such deaths.

Obviously, this a stark revelation which as the Inquiry Chair states in the section 21, speaks directly to allegations of cover-up.

The MDU has been given until the end of this week to produce earlier documentation from the 1970’s and 1980’s, currently only evidence after the year 2000 has been provided by the MDU to the Inquiry.

The full section 21 notice can viewed on the Infected Blood Inquiry website.

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