Addenbrooke's Haemophilia Centre says it has NO documents for Infected Blood Inquiry

E-Mails obtained by Factor 8 which were sent by staff working for Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, have revealed that the Trust has informed the Infected Blood Inquiry that it holds no documentation relevant to the Inquiries Terms of Reference.

One e-mail sent on 28th November 2018 by the Medical Director of the Trust to the Inquiry said that:

Thank you the letter relating to the infected blood enquiry and apologies for not responding sooner.

I can confirm, on behalf of the Trust, that we have no records pertaining to this at CUH.

The trust was then pressed by the Inquiry the next day to perform a “full and final check” and in response, the Trust sent a further e-mail to the Inquiry on 5th December 2018 which said:

We have searched thoroughly throughout the relevant departments, including paper files within the  hospital records and have no records pertaining to this.

However, on speaking a retired member of staff, they recall that a xxx  gave evidence at a previous enquiry on this subject on behalf of Addenbrooke’s Hospital, as it then was.

I understand that at this stage you do not wish to examine individual patient records, but we would be happy to look at these if requested in the future.

If anything further comes to light, I will share at the earliest opportunity.

On 6th December 2018, the Trust sent a further e-mail advising the Inquiry to speak to the local Clinical Commissioning Group.

Addenbrooke’s and Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust was and is of particular interest to Factor 8 because the geographic area was central to one Dr Jean-Pierre Allain.

Dr JP Allain was (in 1992) sentenced to 4 years in jail in France for distributing non-heat treated Factor VIII during 1985 in his role as former Deputy of the National French Blood Transfusion Service.

An often overlooked fact about Dr JP Allain is that he would go on to be Director of the East Anglian Blood Transfusion Service in the UK (beginning in April 1991 on a £50,000 salary). He also contributed to the UK’s ACVSB (Advisory Committee on the Virological Safety of Blood) which was a high-level Government body. He was also Professor of Transfusion Medicine at Cambridge University.

Dr JP Allain was so controversial that in 1993 a small UK Inquiry took place to consider whether or not he was fit to work for the blood service in the UK given his conviction in France, unbelievably that Inquiry, headed by Baroness Warnock said there was no reason why he should be considered unfit to work in terms of ethical behaviour or professional integrity.

Factor 8 has been searching for some months to obtain a copy of the Inquiry report mentioned above, but as of yet we have not been successful.

Sources of Information about JP Allain can be found at the links below: