E-mail shows Salisbury Haemophilia Centre concerned about legal action, asks Inquiry for names to be redacted

A copy of an e-mail obtained by Factor 8 shows that the Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust has voiced it’s concerns to the Infected Blood Inquiry about potential legal action following it’s agreement to provide documents to the Inquiry and has asked that names be redacted from documents before being made public.

The e-mail was sent just before 3pm on 14th November 2018 by the Head of Legal Services for Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust.

In the e-mail it is said by the Trust’s lawyer inter-alia that:

Please note that I would request that before any of these documents are put into the public domain or otherwise shared outside the Inquiry team (if that is the intention) the names of all individuals will be redacted, please

The e-mail goes onto say that:

Particularity in relation to older documents, at least some members of staff will have retired, may not be alive or well enough to participate, or otherwise are not available either to explain or comment on their past roles. It would be unfair to put their names into the public domain in such circumstances without any prior warning, putting them and/or their families at risk of unwanted and unexpected intrusions into their private lives. In relation to current staff I would also appreciate forewarning so that I can track them down and brief them on the inquiry and how disclosure of documents might affect them.

In relation to potential legal action it is said:

Should the Inquiry wish to seek comments from individual members of staff in relation to any of these documents then I expect to be given prior notice so that I can make contact, explain what is going on, and provide appropriate support and (as may be necessary) legal advice to any such individuals BEFORE their names are published by way of disclosure of the Trust’s documentation. I hope the Inquiry will appreciate that unexpected involvement in any kind of legal proceedings is potentially extremely stressful and worrying tor anyone who has not anticipated that might become involved.

A separate e-mail appears to confirm that Trust supplied all of its documents along with an index of those documents to the Inquiry on 3rd December 2018.

A full copy of the 14th November e-mail can be found here. (Please note that all copyright remains with the original holder).

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