Factor 8 lodges six complaints with the ICO against DHSC, The Cabinet Office and NHS England

We have today issued five complaints with the Information Commissioners Office against both the Department of Health & Social Care and the Cabinet Office.

Both departments now fairly consistently do not respond to Freedom of Information requests relating to Infected Blood issues and more complaints will no doubt be issued over the coming days for other ignored requests. Fortunately the WhatDoTheyKnow platform that we use provides a full log of events, including Mail Deliverability, providing evidence the requests were received by the relevant departments, as well as the follow-up's, which were also ignored.

We have also provided the complaint forms to the Infected Blood Inquiry as well as the relevant Ministers and Civil Servants at the Cabinet Office and Department of Health & Social Care.

Separately we have also issued one complaint against NHS England who have also failed to respond to a request fully within the legal limit.

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