REVEALED: Scottish Government Penrose "Handling" Report and 6 things we've learned

Factor 8 has obtained a copy of a 10 Page document written on 3rd March 2015 (Just weeks before the publication of the Penrose Inquiry Final Report). The document lays out how Scottish Government planned to deal with the publication of the Penrose Inquiry (Which happened on 25th March 2015).

Here are some of the things that the document reveals…

  1. It appears that the Scottish Government approached the Department of Health in Westminster about the possibility of a “joint inquiry” or perhaps UK-wide Inquiry - but “The Department of Health did not consider a Joint Inquiry necessary”.

  2. Scottish Government had recruited an “an expert reading team” to “provide analysis and advice to Ministers”.

  3. Scottish Government were very much aware, in advance, that the Inquiry would not make any recommendations on compensation.

  4. Scottish Government considered it a possibility that Civil Liability “might be inferred” by the Inquiry.

  5. It was considered that a full response by Government to the Inquiry might be “be unnecessary

    or limited in scope” due to “the historic nature of the Inquiry”.

  6. In their opinion, “the primary interest of those infected and their families is likely to be increased financial support arrangements.”

There are many redaction’s within the document, no doubt the most interesting content, which we are currently challenging.

We have uploaded the Full 10 Page Document here.

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