Bayer, BPL and the BMA are tracking Contaminated Blood Scandal developments

Look at the list of Core Participants on the Infected Blood Inquiry website and you’ll soon realise that currently, the only Core Participants are Public Authorities, those infected / affected, Charities and the UKHCDO.

It begs the question, where are the pharmaceutical companies that manufactured Factor VIII products? Where are the other private outfits involved?

Factor 8 has spent some months trying to find out and we’ve discovered three private companies who are quietly collecting information about Factor 8, our members and others through press reports.

Bayer - Bayer has been monitoring progress on the campaign since at least 2017 via a media tool called Gorkana. We found that Bayer holds information on various press reports including Radio 4, Victoria Derbyshire, The Independent, BBC Panorama and others.

BMA (British Medical Association) - Like Bayer, the BMA has been monitoring campaign progress since at least 2017. The BMA uses a tool called MediaPoint which is provided by the Press Association.

BPL - BPL provided more information to us than BMA and Bayer combined. Unlike Bayer and BMA, it appears that BPL have held email discussions about the press reports that are being collected, these discussions however, have been redacted from the information we have obtained. In particular some examples includes…

  • Emails on 1st May 2018 concerning a Sky News Report headed “Sky News: Contaminated blood: Pharmaceutical firms ‘must be held accountable’

  • Emails on 3rd July 2018 concerning the publishing of the Infected Blood Inquiry’s Terms of Reference and references to a cover-up.

  • Emails during the Opening Hearings of the Infected Blood Inquiry in September 2018.

  • Emails on 22nd October 2018 about a Daily Mail article “Tainted Blood victims ‘signed away rights’.

  • Emails on 5th November 2018 about a Telegraph article “Healthcare firm formerly linked to Revlon gave British patients blood it knew was infected”

  • Emails on 11th February 2019 about a Telegraph article “Claims of blood scandal cover-up after files vanish”

Unfortunately, BPL has redacted all of their conversations and as a private company, they are exempt from the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act).

We do not know if any of these private companies or others have yet applied for Core Participant status, but we do know now, that, they are watching.

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