REVEALED: Names and Dates of 1,700 BURNED blood products Documents from 1979 - 2003

Today Factor 8 has published the names of over 1,700 documents relating to blood products that were previously held by MHRA, a Department of Health and Social Care agency. The various documents, including many relating to Factor VIII & Factor IX Concentrate span the period 1979 - 2003.

All of the documents in the list were burned in 2006 as they were held in storage at Iron Mountain, more or less the entire facility was destroyed in a fire at this time.

In total, MHRA says 24 boxes that contained documentation concerning Factor VIII were destroyed.

MHRA told Factor 8 that: “As part of this review we can also confirm that all Agency records have been rechecked and no records belonging to the Agency other than NIBSC were destroyed in the fire.“

You can view the full list at the Dropbox link below:

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