PUBLISHED: List of evidence FOUND by Derby Haemophilia Centre

Factor 8 has obtained a list of documents found by Derby Haemophilia Centre that they have deemed relevant to the Infected Blood Inquiry. We have listed those documents below.

The list was accompanied by an email dated 21st December 2018 from the current Director which said:

I am writing in reply to your request for documents and information that are relevant to the infected blood inquiry.

I am the current Haemophilia centre director and have been in post since March 1995.

The previous centre director, who was in post from 1992, passed away in the mid 2000's. There were two previous directors who I have never met.

I have found a folder entitled 'Haemophilia 1974 to 1977' that contains some documents that I think may be relevant to your Inquiry. I attach a list of these documents

If this is the sort of information you want I would be grateful if you could advise how we can send you copies of these documents.

List of documents relevant to the Infected Blood Inquiry from Derby Haemophilia Centre

  • 1. A letter from Oxford haemophilia centre dated 28 January 1976 which refers to a hepatitis survey.

  • 2. Price structures for the supply of human concentrate factor VIII for Hemofil from Travenol laboratories dated 21 October 1976.

  • 3. A letter from Armour Pharmaceutical company Ltd dated August 1976 which gives details of a new product including the price, referring to this as 'extremely competitive'.

  • 4. A memo from the Department of Health and Social Security (DHSS) concerning human concentrated factor VIII freeze dried, concerning a central contract awarded to a fourth supplier, i.e. Armour pharmaceutical.

  • 5. A letter from the DHSS to directors of haemophilia centres concerning Armour product Factorate.

  • 6. A document headed 'notes for haemophilia reference centre directors regarding the national survey of haemophilia and Christmas disease'. One aim of which is 'to find out what types of incidents in haemophiliacs and Christmas disease patients are treated at hospital, other than haemophilia centres and the type of therapeutic material used by these centres'. No mention of Hepatitis in this. There is no date on this document but given its position in the folder it was probably in 1976.

  • 7. A letter to the public health laboratory in Derby from a Dr ……, Consultant Virologist dated 3 August 1976 which refers to 2 patients having recently been found to have contracted non B Hepatitis after transfusion of Kryobulin, stating the batch number and asking if any other patients who had received the same batch had contracted hepatitis.

  • 8. A memo from the Department of Health and Social Security dated 7 November 1975 concerning the awarding of a contract for the supply of factor VIII to Serological Products Ltd and a reference to a reduced price of the Kryobulin.

  • 9. A letter from Serological Products Ltd concerning Kryobulin referring to a reduction in price dated 31 October 1975.

  • 10. The haemophilia society news bulletin dated October 1975 which makes no reference to Hepatitis .

  • 11. A memo from the Department of Health and Social Security dated 1 July 1975 referring to a central contract awarded to a third supplier Abbott Laboratories.

  • 12. A letter from Armour Pharmaceutical Company Ltd to the haemophilia centre director in Derby stating a price structure for factor VIII.

  • 13. A document titled further survey of factor VIII associated Hepatitis 1976 to 1977. Dated January 1977, written by …………, Manchester Public Health Laboratory.

  • 14. Memo from the DHSS dated 24 October 1977 concerning central contracts for human concentrated factor VIII freeze dried.

  • 15. A letter from lmmuno Ltd (previously Serological Products Ltd) dated 15 November 1976, giving a price structure for Kryobulin.

  • 16. The agenda for a Symposium on haemophilia in the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow on 19 September 1975, this includes a talk about 'virus Hepatitis complicating replacement therapy by Dr …………...

  • 17. DHSS - a memo concerning contract for human concentrated factor VIII freeze dried.

  • 18. Minutes of the haemophilia centre directors meeting held in Oxford 1 November 1974 includes a comment about a study of jaundice and factor VIII antibodies, and a report on jaundice following treatment with commercial factor VIII.

  • 19. A letter from Serological Products Ltd to the director of the haemophilia centre in Derby dated 19 August 1974 about Kryobulin, making reference to the donor pool in Austria and Germany stating that the people in the donor pool had health checks and that the donors and final product are checked for freedom from Australia antigen and that despite the sale and use of several million units the transmission of serum Hepatitis has not been attributed to Kryobulin.

  • 20. A letter from Serological Products Ltd concerning Kryobulin dated 1/8/1974, concerning an agreement to supply Kryobulin to Derby haemophilia centre.

  • 21. A letter from Travenol Laboratories Ltd to Dr ………, the then director of the haemophilia centre concerning Hemofil and stating a batch number, saying that in June 1974 they learned of five cases of Hepatitis A in one haemophilia centre using that batch of Hemofil. That was signed …………, Scientific Services Manager.

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