Department of Health will represent BPL at Infected Blood Inquiry

For sometime now there has been speculation as to how BPL (now the BioProducts Laboratory, formerly the Blood Products Laboratory) will be represented at the Infected Blood Inquiry.

Information seen by Factor 8 from within the NHSBT states that:

The DHSC have agreed to take primary responsibility for representing aspects relating to BioProducts Laboratory in the past.

A separate NHSBT document states:

Following discussions with the DHSC they have agreed to represent BPL and its witnesses.

Although formerly a Public Body, a series of sell-off’s have now left BPL as an entirely private corporation owned by the Chinese Creat Group. In 2017 the Creat Group also bought the German plasma products company Biotest.

We do not believe that DHSC has, as of yet, actually made a statement confirming this itself, however given that the information has come from within NHSBT we have taken it as a reliable source.

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