Ex-PM John Major confirms he WILL give evidence to Infected Blood Inquiry

The former Prime Minister, Sir John Major, has confirmed that he will give evidence to the Infected Blood Inquiry.

On Sunday 2nd June 2019 the Mail on Sunday published an article with the headline “Major’s warning to Mrs T: Don’t pay up over tainted blood”. The article itself focused on a letter supplied by Factor 8 to the Mail on Sunday which was written by the former-PM in 1987, it suggested that haemophiliacs infected with HIV should not be paid compensation. At the time, Sir John Major was working in the Treasury and Margaret Thatcher was the Prime Minister.

As part of the Mail on Sunday’s research work when putting together the article, they had contacted John Major’s office in order to give him a right to reply. The response given to the newspaper from a spokesman for John Major was “Sir John will, in due course, be giving written evidence to the infected blood inquiry. It would therefore be inappropriate for him to comment until it has completed its work”.

Confirmation provided by Sir John Major’s spokesman is to our knowledge the first public confirmation given by any Minister or Prime Minister (Current of Former) that they will provide evidence to the Inquiry. It is not clear at this time whether this indication is voluntary or if such has been formerly requested by the Inquiry.

Photo of John Major is credited to the following source: https://flic.kr/p/dUFRXi

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