REVEALED: GMC thoughts on potential breaches of medical ethics in Contaminated Blood Scandal

Factor 8 recently obtained a General Medical Council memo dated 15th October 2018.

Discussing information which may be relevant to the Infected Blood Inquiry, the GMC memo provides insight and comment on historical "Blue Books" and how they may relate to matters that the Inquiry is investigating.

Blue Books historically contained Medical Ethics guidance from the GMC.

Seemingly, the GMC has analysed their Blue Books from 1970 to the mid-2000s. As part of this exercise, the GMC has extracted guidance within those Blue Books they think may be relevant to the Inquiry and from the memo we were also able to see comments that have been added. We have provided a summary of the comments below as well as a link to the raw document at the end of this article which provides much more detail.

It appears the GMC has identified guidance within Blue Books that in their comments may have bearing upon...

  1. Failure to provide treatment when patients found to be Hep C positive but not told.

  2. Downplaying dangers that FVIII was infected. Also downplaying severity of Hep C.

  3. Inquiry will look into commercial interests in relation to the infected blood.

  4. Beginning to link to issues with patients used as test subjects.

  5. This links to discrediting patients to divert attention away from infected blood being the source of infections.

  6. This may be relevant to non-consensual disclosure of Hepatitis C status.

  7. This could be relevant to situations where doctors continued to prescribe non-heat treated Factor VIII.

  8. These sections will be relevant where a hepatitis c diagnosis has not been discloses or treated.

See the full document here:

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