Get involved in campaigning on the Infected Blood Scandal

If you’re interested in helping to push our cause forward and help the Haemophilia community achieve truth and justice then we have outlined some actions below that you can take. We have tried to structure our suggestions from those which are relativity simple, growing into those which may take more time and effort. No one can be expected to do it all, so please only do what you want to and/or what you feel capable of doing and be sure to take a break!

  • Follow our Public Facebook Page, Twitter Profile and Instagram Account

    • Like and Share our social media posts as much as possible on a consistent basis

  • Write to your MP and keep it short and to the point (we suggest no more than 400 words). Here are things we suggest you can ask your MP to do (the more the better).

    • Ask them to ask the Government if they will accept liability for the manufacture, importation and distribution of Hep C/HIV infected Factor Concentrate products in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

  • Contact your local newspaper or radio station to share your story. Local media outlets like local stories about local people.

  • Do some research and get studying, knowledge is power after all and you might just find something important.