BREAKING: Press Statement on Announcement from Cabinet Office



Factor 8 today welcomes the announcement that the Cabinet Office and not the Department of Health will be the sponsoring department to the Inquiry into the Contaminated Blood Scandal.

We are, however, dismayed and utterly disappointed that this is where today’s announcement ends. Victims and Families have already waited many months for progress on the Inquiry, having endured a seriously extended consultation which ran unnecessarily for nearly 4 months. We find ourselves in despair that a Chair has still not been appointed and that the Inquiry is still not established.

Victims have died during the consultation period, not even sure whether the events leading to their death would be examined in the legally forensic way necessary to get to the truth, namely a full Judge-led Statutory Inquiry; under the 2005 Act.

We need only look to the fantastic work of Justice Krever in Canada as a blueprint for how this setup so well lends itself to the Contaminated Blood Products issue and can reach meaningful conclusions and recommendations.

The Rt. Rev James Jones endorsed the judge led approach in his report this week saying that Mr. Justice Taylor, “got it right” in the Hillsborough Inquiry by finding a number of failings and making recommendations.

We believe too that a judge-led Public Inquiry will be the only effective way of establishing the truth behind the Contaminated Blood Scandal and that there is no reason for any further delay in the appointment of a Chair.

BREAKING: Sky News reporting fresh evidence by Factor 8 Campaign UK

Sky PR 251017-1.png


Sky News has today broken fresh evidence supplied to them by Factor 8 Campaign UK on the Contaminated Blood Scandal.

The recently unearthed Cabinet Office papers show that a former Secretary of State (John Moore) admitted in 1987 that arguments by victims that the Government’s failure to achieve self-sufficiency in Factor VIII in the 1970’s/1980’s led to Haemophiliacs being infected with HIV were “difficult to refute”. John Moore also says in the documents that the Government had implemented a “policy of not accepting any direct responsibility” and that the Government were seeking to use third parties to handle the issue as it “minimises Government intervention”, the Secretary of State was also somehow aware of legal advice that had been given to those affected.

The pages, which are taken from the Home and Social Affairs Committee's subcommittee on AIDS were published on November 4th 1987.

JJ Evans - “I had tracked down a pack of documents which until earlier this year had been held by HM Treasury concerning AIDS & Haemophiliacs. Five months later after my initial request and repeated reminders, HM Treasury finally made the pack available at the National Archives. Upon searching the file I discovered a small note inside advising that some Cabinet Office papers had been removed, and a handwritten reference number. Under the “30-year rule” the Cabinet Office have released the papers in question, which show that what the Government said privately was much different to the public line. The Government's public line is a false narrative which has continued ever since through to present day.”