Campaign Groups to meet with Cabinet Office on Thursday

Latest on the Contaminated Blood Inquiry, Press Statement from Collins Solicitors who are representing Factor 8 Campaign UK and others.


Collins Solicitors Press Release 1st December 2017

Following approaches made earlier this week by special advisors at No. 10, Collins Solicitors acting on behalf of the campaign groups listed below, welcome the invitation from the Cabinet Office to attend meetings with them next week.

We understand that the Agenda for this meeting will include discussions around the leadership of the Inquiry and its overarching remit.

Des Collins said that:

This is a significant development and we now look forward to the immediate appointment of a Chair in order that we might, on behalf of the campaign groups, make representations regarding the scope and nature of the Terms of Reference, the skill set of any panel member(s) who might sensibly sit with the Chair and the question of Core Participant status

We are all too aware of the problems faced by previous Inquiries and if for this reason alone it is essential that the Chair, when appointed, hears from the campaign groups on these and other key matters.

Having said this we fully accept that before reaching any decisions the Chair will wish to hear from a wide range of stakeholders including, for the avoidance of doubt, the Department of Health, Haemophilia Society and others whose position(s) may have been compromised by actions taken and views adopted over the last 30 years”

Birchgrove Group

Contaminated Blood Public Inquiry

Factor 8 Campaign UK

Manor House Group

Positive Women

Tainted Blood

The Fatherless Generation

The Forgotten Few

Tainted Blood Widows


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