How YOU can help (From your sofa) with campaigning before the Election

Like, Share & Comment - This is #1. Liking, Sharing and Commenting on things generates more interest. The more Likes, Shares and Comment's a post has, the more people Facebook, or Twitter, will choose to show it too. Remember to do this on all relevant posts and our Facebook and Twitter Pages. Yes this includes Re-Tweeting, don't forget to "Quote Tweet" too and tag in MP's. Focuses at the moment should be the Conservative Facebook Page and Theresa May's Facebook Page. Do not go on their to insult and typecast all Tories, it's not helpful and looks weak.

Contact your Main Party MP Candidate's privately - You can find out who they are by visiting: , once you know who your candidates are you can generally get in touch with them either by finding them on Facebook, or Google their name and find their website. In the first instance it's best to send them a private message or e-mail giving a brief overview of how you were affected (keep this to 1 - 2 paragraphs max) and then make it very clear what you would want to happen eg a Full Public Inquiry, and ask what their stance is / how they will help you. It also helps to provide a few links to recent news articles etc which will give them further background and back-up what you are telling them. Try to keep the whole thing to less than the equivalent of 1 side of A4.

Keep it on the Public Face of "MP's" and Ministers - The vast majority of MP's and Ministers have Facebook Pages and/or Twitter Profiles. Comment and Reply on THEIR posts (be consistent, this should not be a one-off) with links to news articles or make your views known. (Example Below). And like the comments of other campaigners who do the same so that they will appear higher up, hint: the comments with the most likes show first, in turn getting even more likes and exposure. Remember: MP's are there to represent constituents, but they don't HAVE to help YOU, don't treat them like the enemy, you want to talk WITH them, not rant TO them. If you rant and bash, you will generally be ignored.

The Demonstration - Make sure everyone you know who is affected is aware of, and if they are able, will attend, the following event on 21st June 2017 (Invite your Friends on Facebook) -

Write to the DoH - Tell them you want an Inquiry. Write to them as much as you want. Let's not let them forget we're not going away. Write to them here:

If you think you think outside the box your trapped in one - Come up with your own ideas and initiatives, you need no one's permission to do this. If you have what you think is a good idea then run with it and see where it may take you. Think about what hasn't been tried yet. It's generally quicker to do something yourself than try to get others to do it for you. Send an e-mail, Pick up the phone and build a new bridge. Send a Freedom of Information Request.

The most important thing: If you can, do.

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