Non-Transparency - MP Template

Below is a template you can send to your MP in regards to lack of transparency on the issue of Contaminated Blood by the Department of Health.


Dear MP,

As you may be aware victims and their families affected by the Contaminated Blood Scandal are campaigning for a full public inquiry into "Factor Concentrate" products, which infected people with Hepatitis C & HIV.

On 22nd June 2017 the Department of Health gave a statement to ITV News ( stating that they do not wish to investigate this matter which has killed so many Haemophiliacs. The department of Health said that they are "committed to transparency on this issue". Transparency however, does not seem to be forthcoming at all.

Only last month the Government decided to withhold a bundle of documents concerning "Haemophiliacs & AIDS" on grounds of "Public Interest" (See link below). Is this Transparency?

The Department of Health tell us that they do not even know how many people have died  through their contaminated NHS treatment, and to contact a private organisation instead...

The problem is that this private organisation (UKHCDO) refuse to release the full information of where and how many people have died in England, Wales & Northern Ireland, and state that they are exempt from freedom of information requests...

Despite the fact it states on the UKHCDO website that they are required by the Department of Health to collect such data...

The once government owned "BPL" which made Factor Concentrate products was sold off to a Chinese corporation last year called "The Creat Group" ( and so they also are now exempt from freedom of information requests. Is this Transparency?

This is a Scandal which has been described this year by former MP and Health Minister Andy Burnham as a "criminal cover-up on an industrial scale". It was described last year by the former Health Minister Lord David Owen as a "cover-up". And by the Leader of the House, Andrea Leadsom just this past Friday (23/06/17) as an "Injustice".

We cannot get concrete answers to the most basic of questions, such as how many Haemophiliacs have actually died from Factor Concentrate infections, documents are being withheld on grounds of Public Interest and the truth about what happened to the Haemophilia community locked away in the vaults of Private Corporations. 

Please can you do whatever you can to raise these issues in the House and support our call for a full public inquiry?

Best Regards,

Factor 8