Statement on meeting with James Jones

Today representatives of Factor 8 Campaign UK and The Fatherless Generation will be attending a meeting with the ex-bishop James Jones along with other groups including Birchgrove, Contaminated Blood Public Inquiry, Forgotten Few, Positive Women and Tainted Blood, all of whom are represented by Collins Law Solicitors (in attendance). We will be standing side by side with the above groups in unity with a clear message.

Our primary views, which are supported by the vast majority of campaign groups, surviving victims, their family members and bereaved family members will be put forward to the ex-bishop, namely that:

1. There should be a Statutory Public Inquiry under the 2005 Act;

2. A Chair must be appointed immediately; and,

3. The Department of Health should play no part whatsoever in sponsoring or setting the remit of the Inquiry.

These views have already been consistently put forward to all relevant parties and it is our firm view that the Government must urgently act.

It is already painstakingly obvious that it is not proper for the Department of Health to sponsor the Inquiry as an alleged liable party to the Contaminated Blood Scandal. It is akin to an alleged criminal conducting their own trial and choosing their own judge.

The Government should immediately pass the Inquiry to another department, for example the Cabinet Office and appoint a chair.

What must happen is already obvious and clear to Government, we cannot impress enough upon the Prime Minister how important it is that the above is actioned now.

Factor 8