Contaminated Blood Group Legal Action heard at Royal Courts of Justice

Factor 8 Campaign today joins other campaign groups, victims and their families in welcoming the first hearing of a Group Litigation Application brought on behalf of those and their families affected by Contaminated Factor Concentrate Products in the 1970’s & 1980’s (“Jason Evans & Others v Secretary of State for Health”) at the Royal Courts of Justice, London.

For too long Truth & Justice have been denied to the victims and families of the Contaminated Blood Scandal.

We would like to thank Des Collins and his team at Collins Solicitors for all their hard work and diligence in bringing this case forward and also for agreeing to represent some 500+ victims and families at the forthcoming Public Inquiry.

Whilst we and others welcomed the announcement of a Public Inquiry in July this year, this is yet to materialise and the Department of Health (a Defendant in this case) currently remain in control of it, to date not even a Chair has been appointed. Furthermore, we are acutely aware that whilst an Inquiry can provide answers and make recommendations, it in itself cannot determine liability or award damages.

Today marks a significant step forward toward full Truth & Justice for those so badly affected by one of the deadliest medicinal products in modern history.