The "Factor 8 Scandal" is the event of 4,670 British haemophiliacs being infected with Hepatitis C and HIV by a "Medicine" called "Factor 8".

Of the 4,670 people with Haemophilia infected with Hepatitis C, 1,243 of them were additionally infected with HIV (AIDS), "co-infected" by both viruses.

The medicine they were given, "Factor", was swimming with the lethal viruses due to a series of catastrophic errors, delays, failures and bad practice.

Over 80% of the 1,243 "co-infected" (HIV & Hep C) victims have died. Less than 250 of them remain alive as of 2017.

Hundreds more have died from Hepatitis C infection alone.

To this day, Westminster has steadfastly refused to hold a Statutory Investigation. Against overwhelming evidence, no fault has ever been admitted by either Government or the pharmaceutical companies who supplied the lethal "Medicine". Those living with these horrendous infections, those loved ones who have themselves become infected through victims of this disaster, and the families of those who have died, still have no answers.

The fight for Truth & Justice continues.