Infected Blood Inquiry

Public Inquiry into the Contaminated Blood Scandal

On 11th July 2017 Theresa May announced that a Public Inquiry would be held into the Contaminated Blood Scandal . The Inquiry is now known as the Infected Blood Inquiry.

If you are reporting on the Inquiry then we suggest reading our brief guide to the Infected Blood Inquiry.

Sir Brian Langstaff is the Chair of the Inquiry which will investigate how thousands of people with a bleeding disorder called Haemophilia came to be infected with HIV and/or Hepatitis C through a clotting-factor medicine most commonly know as Factor VIII, or, in some cases Factor IX.

In addition to examining how the infections, and subsequently many deaths, came about, the Inquiry's Terms of Reference also state that the investigation will look into allegations of a cover-up following the infections taking place.

Victims and Families will be represented at the Inquiry by Collins Solicitors who are also the lead solicitors in the Contaminated Blood Products Group Litigation currently running through the High Court "Jason Evans & Ors V Secretary of State for Health".

Chronology of the Infected Blood Public Inquiry

This page is continually updated as more information about the Public Inquiry into the Contaminated Blood Scandal becomes available. This page was last updated on: 26th May 2019 @ 17:16

  • An Inquiry into the Contaminated Blood Scandal was announced on 11th July 2017 by the Prime Minister Theresa May.

  • Consultation on the Scope & Fomat of the Inquiry began on 20th July 2017 and was planned to end on 14th August 2017 however this was subsequently extended by 2 months and the consultation ended on 18th October 2017.

  • On 27th October 2017 the 10 Downing Street Press Office confirmed that the Department of Health would not be the "sponsoring department" of the Inquiry. 10 Downing street also said that "an announcement will be made in a few weeks".

  • On 3rd November 2017 it was announced that The Cabinet Office would be the "sponsoring department" of the Inquiry into the Contaminated Blood Scandal, the responsible Minister was Damian Green but is now David Lidington following Damian's resignation.

  • On 8th February 2018 the Chair of the Infected Blood Inquiry was announced to be Sir Brian Langstaff.

  • On 26th April 2018 the Inquiry consultation on the Terms of Reference closed.

  • On 1st May 2018 the Inquiry chair began working on the Inquiry full-time.

  • On 2nd July 2018 the Infected Blood Inquiry Terms of Reference were announced and the Inquiry was formally established.

  • On 3rd September 2018 Factor 8 was designated as a Core Participant in the Inquiry.

  • The Opening Hearings were held at Church House in Westminster on 24th, 25th & 26th September 2018.

  • The Inquiry began to hear Oral Evidence from those infected and affected on 30th April 2019.

There is currently no firm timescale on how long the Infected Blood Inquiry will last, there are varying estimates ranging anywhere from 2.5 - 5 years and the Inquiry has repeatedly said that the Inquiry will take as long as reasonable thoroughness allows.

In terms of the number of Core Participants, the Infected Blood Inquiry is quite literally the biggest Inquiry that the United Kingdom has ever seen.

We must consider that this Inquiry will involve examining events that span over a large period of time, from at least the 1970’s to present day and, in fact, the Inquiry has vowed to consider evidence since the inception of the NHS itself which dates back to the 1940’s. Obviously the amount of documentation the Inquiry is going to need to consider will be tremendous and will involve examining not only Public Bodies and Medical Institutions, but also Pharmaceutical Companies and the commercial sector who were also involved in the Contaminated Blood Scandal.

It is expected that throughout the Inquiry a large number of witnesses will be called, which will include not only victims who were infected with HIV and/or Hepatitis C but also former and current Government Ministers, Civil Servants, Doctors, company executives and many others. Factor 8 will continue to provide updates on our website and social media platforms as the Inquiry progresses.