What is the Contaminated Blood Scandal?

The Factor 8 Scandal, or, Contaminated Blood Scandal is the event of 3,891 people in the UK (mostly Haemophiliacs) being infected with Hepatitis C or Hepatitis C & HIV (co-infected) by a commercial Medicine called "Factor 8" [2].

Of the 3,891 people infected with Hepatitis C, 1,243 of them were additionally infected with HIV (the virus that leads to AIDS), "co-infected" by both viruses [3].

The medicine they were given, "Factor", was swimming with the lethal viruses due to a series of catastrophic errors, delays, failures, commercial influence and bad practice.

Almost 80% of the 1,243 "co-infected" (HIV & Hep C) victims have died, most by the mid-nineties, having also endured the most brutal period of AIDS stigma. Less than 250 of the original 1,243 co-infected victims remain alive as of 2017 [4].

Of the 2,648 known to have been infected with Hepatitis C (and not HIV), 402 are known to have subsequently died [5].

You can read more about the fall-out of the Contaminated Blood Scandal and get detailed statistics here.