Who We Are

This is what Factor VIII looks like. It in fact does not look like blood at all and is a commercial "for profit" product.

Factor 8 is a non-profit advocacy organisation.

We advocate on behalf of victims and families affected by HIV / AIDS & Hepatitis via the use of Contaminated Factor Concentrate products in the 1970's and 1980's.

Today's press and politics usually refer to the event as the Contaminated Blood Scandal.

It is important to note that Factor products bare no resemblance to Blood Transfusions and are vastly different on many levels, this is often confused in the public domain.

From 2016 our group was able to make a substantial impact and has played key roles in both the UK-wide Public Inquiry into the Contaminated Blood Scandal and various legal actions.

In addition to TV projects the group has also been successful in generating a great deal of high-profile press coverage, including national top news stories and international news.

In 2018 our focus will very much be on our work relating to the Public Inquiry. We continue to pro-actively work with the affected community, our legal representation, media and parliament.

All of our people directly involved in the running of Factor 8 are affected by the Scandal. We are ran for those affected by those affected.