Who We Are

This is what Factor VIII looks like. It in fact does not look like blood at all and is a commercial "for profit" product.

Factor 8 is a non-profit advocacy organisation.

We advocate on behalf of victims (and their families) who were infected with HIV and/or Hepatitis C by contaminated Factor VIII and Factor IX Concentrate Blood-Products in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Today's press and politics usually refer to these events as the Contaminated Blood Scandal.

From 2016 our group was able to make a substantial impact and has played a key role in securing the UK-wide Public Inquiry into the Contaminated Blood Scandal, now known as the Infected Blood Inquiry.

Factor 8 was responsible for supplying evidence and information to Collins Solicitors which led to the establishment and subsequent acceptance by the High Court of what is now known as the Contaminated Blood Products Group Litigation. Factor 8’s Founder, Jason Evans, is the main claimant in the group litigation which remains on-going.

In addition to TV projects such as 2017’s BBC Panorama: Contaminated Blood The Search For The Truth, the group has also been successful in generating a great deal of high-profile press coverage, including national top news stories and international news.

In September of 2018 Factor was designated as a Core Participant in the Infected Blood Inquiry. Much of our organisations focus for the foreseeable years head will lie in ensuring the best possible outcome of both the Contaminated Blood Products Group Litigation and the Infected Blood Inquiry for those infected and affected by contaminated Factor Concentrates.

All of our people directly involved in the running of Factor 8 are affected by the Scandal. We are ran for those affected by those affected.

We also run a sub-group of Factor 8 called “The Fatherless Generation”, this group was established primarily as a support group for those who have a lot a parent to infected clotting factor products. Usually member of the group have lost their Father due to the male predominance of Haemophilia, however, some of our members have lost both of their parents where their Father unwittingly transmitted the disease to their Mother.

We are an organisation committed to putting the Truth about the Contaminated Blood Scandal on the official record and securing some form of Justice for those who have been so badly wronged by not only the biggest treatment disaster in the history of the NHS, but quite simply, one of the largest preventable loss-of-life incidents the country has ever seen.