Jason’s Work

On 7th October 2019, the national press widely reported on evidence from 1974 about the contaminated blood scandal which was obtained and shared by Jason.

On 6th October 2019, Jason co-authored an article in The Mirror.

On 19th August 2019, RT aired a documentary called “Bad Blood” in which Jason featured and was a main contributor.

On 10th August 2019 Jason sent a letter to the Prime Minister and devolved nations which was co-signed by almost 300 people infected and affected, urging the establishment of compensation.

On 23rd June 2019 the Sunday Express published an article about evidence provided by Jason relating to HIV infected Haemophiliacs being “rail-roaded” into ending legal action in 1990.

On 2nd June 2019 the Mail on Sunday published an article about a letter Jason had found which was from John Major to Margaret Thatcher urging not to compensate victims.

On 13th May 2019 The Times ran a story about Jason’s investigation into the Government’s ACVSB files.

On 7th May 2019 The Guardian ran a story about the Department of Health’s flawed discovery exercise based upon research supplied by Jason.

On 29th April 2019 Jason lent his support to Australian victims / families in an article in The Herald (Australia) ahead of the UK Infected Blood Inquiry hearings.

On 11th March 2019 the Daily Mail ran a story covering documents and research Jason had supplied, it showed the Government secretly admitting fault for the Contaminated Blood Scandal in 1990.

On 14th February 2019 Sir Brian Langstaff said he was grateful to Jason for bringing to the attention of the Inquiry the fact that NHS England has failed to circulate a document retention notice.

On 11th February 2019 it was widely reported that Jason had obtained an internal Government audit showing almost a thousand files connected to contaminated blood issues had been “checked-out” of the Department of Health. Jason did interviews on BBC One Breakfast, BBC Radio 4 & BBC Radio Scotland on the day.

On 1st December 2018 (World AIDS Day) an article written by Jason was published in The Huffington Post entitled “The Contaminated Blood Scandal And The Forgotten Victims Of AIDS”.

On 3rd November 2018 The Telegraph published a story linking a Revlon health care firm to the contaminated blood scandal on their Front Page with evidence supplied to them by Jason.

On 21st October 2018 The Daily Mail published a story detailing how Hepatitis C was covered-up and kept secret from HIV infected Haemophiliacs with evidence supplied by Jason. It was their Front Page Top Story and was also featured on the BBC Victoria Derbyshire show.

On 24th, 25th & 26th September 2018 Jason attended the Opening Hearings of the Infected Blood Inquiry with his legal team in London.

On 3rd September 2018 Jason’s application to the Chair of the Infected Blood Inquiry for Factor 8 to become a Core Participant was accepted.

On 17th May 2018 MySociety published an article detailing Jason's hunt for evidence.

On 25th October 2017 Sky News broke the story of how new Cabinet Office papers showed a cover-up which had been discovered and supplied to them by Jason.

On 26th September 2017 a Group Legal Order was granted by Senior Master Fontaine in the case of "Jason Evans & Others V Secretary State for Health".

On 15th July 2017, Jason sent a letter co-signed by more than 250 people from the affected community to the Prime Minister and Department of Health outlining key principles the Inquiry must adopt, including having statutory powers and not being handled by the Department of Health. Both of these requests were subsequently met.

On 4th July 2017 evidence unearthed and presented by Jason was featured on the front page of the Daily Mail newspaper. 

On 4th July 2017 Collins Law lodged a Group Legal Order on behalf of over 400 people (led by Jason who is the main claimant) with the High Court that alleged Negligence and Breach of Statutory Duty against the Government. The Times Link.

In May / June 2017 Jason highlighted damning evidence which showed that even after the Department of Health said that there was conclusive evidence that the AIDS Virus was in Factor VIII, they hid this knowledge from patients for almost a year. ITV Link. Express Link.

In May 2017 Jason featured in the episode of BBC Panorama "Contaminated Blood: The Search for The Truth".

In April 2017 Jason notified the UK Department of Health of his intention to bring forth a legal claim via Collins Solicitors.

Jason Evans

Key Facts

  • Jason is the Founder of Factor 8 - The Independent Haemophilia Group.

  • He is the lead claimant in the Contaminated Blood Products Group Litigation currently before the High Court.

  • He is a Core Participant in the Infected Blood Public Inquiry.

  • Jason principally carries out investigatory work, a variety of which has been featured in national and international media.

  • Jason is the central contact and spokesperson for Factor 8.

Personal Connection

Jason's Father Jonathan died in October 1993 after being infected with both Hepatitis C and HIV from contaminated Factor VIII products.

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