The Contaminated Blood Products Group Legal Action, "Jason Evans & Others" is currently progressing through the High Court.

If you or a family member have been affected by Hepatitis C and/or HIV via the use of Contaminated Factor VIII / IX in the 1970's / 1980's then you should contact Collins Solicitors ASAP on 01923 223324. For more information visit:

Chronology of the infected blood products Group Litigation:

  • The cut-off date by which claimants must join the case is May 2019.

  • On 30th November 2018 the Group Action was stayed pending the outcome of the Infected Blood Inquiry.

  • The first Case Management Conference was held on 1st February 2018, anonymity was granted to all claimants except Jason Evans, and, an application by the claimant(s) for disclosure of documents from the defendant was granted.

  • During December 2017 it was The Honourable Mr Justice Martin Spencer who was appointed as the Judge for the case.

  • On 1st November 2017 the Group Litigation Order was sealed. You can view the order here.

  • On 26th September 2017 permission was given for a Group Litigation Order in respect of the Contaminated Blood Products (Factor VIII & IX) Litigation case "Jason Evans & Others v Secretary of State for Health". At that time there were over 500 potential litigants consisting of surviving victims and also family members of those who have died in the United Kingdom.

  • It was at this point (11th July 2017) that the Prime Minister announced a Public Inquiry into the Contaminated Blood Scandal. 1 week after the Group Litigation Order was lodged at the High Court.

  • Interest in the legal case grew quickly and it was reported by the national press. Some 400 potential claimants subsequently sought representation from Collins and on 4th July 2017 they applied for a Group Litigation Order from the High Court.

  • In Mid-May 2017 (ahead of BBC Panorama: Contaminated Blood The Search For The Truth) it first became public knowledge that Jason had instructed Collins Solicitors of Watford to bring a Civil litigation claim against the Government.

  • On 19th April 2017 the Department of Health were notified by Collins Solicitors that Jason Evans intended to take legal action against the Government in respect of his late Father, Jonathan Evans.